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With a passion for interior design, home staging and creating beautiful spaces that are simple for my family to live in, I realised I could help people achieve the same in their homes. I’ve created a way to plan, simplify and organise your home and the way you live in it. I call it Smart Living.

Smart Living founder, Julie

Hi there I am Julie! I am based in Broadstone in Dorset, where we have lived for the past 15 Years.  Much of that time has been raising my family at home whilst quietly indulging my passion for house renovations and interior design.

Prior to having a family, I had a varied Career in Retail and Human Resources management as well as many years as a senior PA. With each role I needed to be systematically organised and a positive people person. I was always chatting and putting colleagues at ease with a smile on my face. Proactive thinking and the ability to multi-task was vital in becoming successful.

Following four home relocations in ten years, we finally settled in Broadstone, Dorset. This was our dream place to live, perfect for the children and I’ve been busy ‘being Mum’ ever since. Whilst that might sound tough, I found I loved every aspect of planning and organising each move. The excitement of being able to redesign and develop the interiors of each new house became a new passion.

This included the complete extension and redevelopment of the interior of our current home. Every room was completely altered! We now love what we achieved so much and my husband has now retired so we are not planning to move again!

I have always spent lots of time advising and helping my fiends and family on how they organise and furnish their homes. Helping them choose designs, furniture and accessories encouraged them to love living in their own homes even more.

A decluttering expert

I have become an expert in the art of decluttering, helping people to simplify their homes and their lives. Decluttering has become embedded in every project we start at Smart Living – it’s essential in creating a happy home.

I am sure any parent will tell you, organising family life can be challenging as well as rewarding. Finding time to plan for school events, homework, parties and shopping all whilst running the home was a full-time job! As our children grew and changed so did their clothes, toys and interests. This was when I began to realise the benefits of removing clutter. It’s a great way to turn unwanted clutter into cash on eBay or make donations to local charities.

Launching Smart Living

Fast forward to 2019 and I realised that I could help others to achieve similar changes in their homes. I decided to launch Smart Living, a first-class confidential service for all aspects of Home Organisation, Interior Design and Home Staging. 

I can help anyone who is finding they do not have the time or not yet the know-how to achieve their dream home. From decluttering and organising wardrobes and rooms to property styling and interiors. I offer a broad range of services that can help you make the most of your time and create a smart, happy home.

I am also a qualified CHSSP Home Stager Professional using my skills to prepare your property for sale or rent by realising its true potential – essential in a competitive property market.

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