12 Best Home Office Organising Tips – by Julie at Smart Living

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A home office should be a clean and tidy space. That way, you can talk with clients, complete work tasks, write up notes – whatever you use your home office for – without interruption. Keeping an organised home office is often easier said than done, though.

As a professional organiser, I have accumulated tons of useful knowledge over the years for a more organised space, and I’m here to share them with you today. So, if your home office could use a little more coordination, use these twelve best home office organising tips.


The first task you need to do is declutter. There is no point in organising a filing cabinet when you have tons of paperwork sprawled about, after all! Once you have thrown away the items you no longer need, you can work on organising the space.

Invest in Great Storage

The correct storage makes a world of difference to your organisational system. Cabinets, shelves, pen holders, and storage islands help keep your items in their proper place.

Hang Personal Items on the Wall

Many people like to keep personal items near the place they work. This is understandable, but avoid cluttering your desk with plants and picture frames. Instead, free the space by hanging personal items on the wall.

Use Drawer Dividers

Do you ever open your desk drawer only to cringe at how cluttered and messy it is? Get drawer dividers. These simple items help you organise the space inside the drawers so that you don’t have to wade through a mess of pens, paper, staplers, and whatever else you keep inside.

Keep a Waste Paper Basket Nearby

A waste paper basket right next to your desk ensures you don’t end up with a bunch of papers cluttering the space. Just make sure to empty this regularly – no one wants an overflowing waste paper basket.

Reduce the Number of Wires

Not only are too many wires a mess issue, but it’s also a safety issue. Don’t use any more wires than necessary. Instead, invest in wireless technology where you can, and use cable dividers for the ones you need.

Free Your Desk of Office Equipment

Try to keep your desk clear of everything other than the essential items, including office equipment. For example, your stapler, notebooks, and Sharpies can live inside a drawer rather than on your desk.

Add Floating Shelves

Do you quickly run out of space in your home office but don’t want to restrict yourself to what you have out? If so, add floating shelves. You can place many items on these, such as small plants, pen pots, notebooks, and more.

Use a Shredder

If your office becomes overloaded with paperwork, use a shredder to get rid of it. This is especially useful if you often print identifiable information.

Bonus tip: make your home office completely paperless to ensure that your office isn’t littered with paperwork everywhere!

Hang a Pinboard

A pinboard lets you place your important thoughts in plain sight without cluttering your space. When you have an idea, you can simply pin a note to the pin board to return to later. It’s much tidier than having your desk overfilled with post-it notes.

Colour Cordinate

For a more organised system, categorise your items, such as your pens, papers, and notebooks, by colour. Not only will it make finding items easier, but it’ll also look great!

Have a System

The best way to keep an organised home office is by having an organisational system that you understand. Once you know where everything should be placed, you will have a much easier time keeping the space clean and tidy.

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