6 Things to Declutter From Your Bedroom

Tidy Your Bedroom

To declutter your bedroom. start by sorting items in your bedroom into two categories: keep and donate/discard. Sort through each item and decide which will be kept or donated/discarded based on how often it is used or if it still has sentimental value.

Declutter Your Home

Under The Bed

We dare look under the bed sometimes, for the fear of the unknown, how many things have just been shoved under there, when you’ve not had anywhere else to put them. Take some time & see what’s lurking under there. You may find something you thought you’d lost or just things you no longer have any use for. Under the bed is a great place to hide things away & utilise, essentially free space! A bonus tip is to buy some organisational boxes that you can use to organise all your bits away neatly.


Did you get given some free pens & a mug when you last went to an exhibition or maybe you’ve got old birthday presents just sitting on your side unit or shelves that you no longer have any use for? Dedicate a couple of hours to decluttering these things. It’s amazing how much your room can transform, just from removing a couple of items from your side units. A great idea is to buy furniture with storage built into it. Meaning you can keep those bad presents… just hidden away.

The Wardrobe

There’s bound to be old garments in the wardrobe, that you haven’t worn for months even years but don’t have the heart to throw out. Maybe you wore it on your first date or it reminds you of a happy occasion. However, some items may just be because you don’t like them anymore or your style has changed. The general rule is that if you haven’t worn the item in 6 months its unlikely you ever wear it again.


We’re all guilty of chucking our clothes on the floor when we’ve come home late from work, there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you remember to do the tidying the next day! The issue is when you can’t see the floor anymore. The answer, get a laundry basket which you can dump all your bits away & deal with at a later stage. This not only helps keep the bedroom tidy but also keeps your smelly clothes in one pile.


Just tidying up & decluttering a few items can really make a difference to how your bedroom looks & how you use it going forward. At Smart Living Interiors we understand this can often be easier said than done. Especially when it comes to sentimental items. This is why Julia is here to help you with this task. Get in touch today to see how we can help you declutter those bedroom items away.

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