Are the Holidays a Good Time to Stage Your Home?

Is the Market Good?

One of the most important aspects of house staging is timing. When you stage your house, it’s important to choose a time when the market is favourable and potential buyers are actively looking for homes. Here are some key times to consider if you’re trying to decide when to stage your house:

Stage before showing

Before You Start Showings: Staging your house before you begin showings can be a great way to increase buyer interest. This allows potential buyers to see the house’s best features and wins them over right away. This could separate you from other sellers, especially in your area. If potential buyers get to see what the house can look like on your average day this can help bring a real-life image to them & how their family may live in this property.

Clean up

The holidays are a great time to clean the house, from the bedroom to the kitchen, and make it sparkle. A clean house automatically looks more appealing. While you’re cleaning the house, notice bits around the house which need repairing, this could be as simple as fixing that wonky shelf or stopping the bathroom door from squeaking. If you have any repairs or cleaning that need to be done, wait until they’re finished before staging your house. This will ensure that the house looks its best for potential buyers. The holidays will give you that extra time to be able to take extra care in these jobs.


Spring and summer are prime times to stage a house because these are the months when most people are looking to buy a home. There are a number of reasons which can make the spring/summer a great time. The warmer weather makes it easier to keep house plants and other outdoor features looking their best. Everything always looks better in the summer as well!

Right Before the Holidays

Right Before The Holidays: Many potential buyers are already on the market for a house before the holidays, so it can be beneficial to stage your house right before these big events. Potential buyers will be able to picture themselves celebrating in the house during these special times of the year.

Take time

By taking the time to stage your house at the right times, you can dramatically increase interest from potential buyers. This will help your house sell quickly and for a higher price. Make sure to consider key timing when staging your house and you’ll be sure to have a successful sale.


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