Things to Avoid In Your Bedroom

Not for the bedroom

Most of us would love our bedrooms to look ‘Boutique Style’. They are used for getting dressed and ready in but primarily they are the rooms our beds are in for us to rest, relax and sleep in. Yet trying to declutter your bedroom can be easier said than done.

BedRoom— noun meaning a room furnished and used for sleeping.

It is a regular news headline that lack of sleep or poor sleep is proven to affect our health.

A bedroom should be a calming place where you are able to unwind and relax. We believe there are a number of things to avoid having in your bedroom. We’ve listed a few below.

Tips 1-2

  • Electronics-mobile phones or laptops. These are not conducive to sleep and it is a well known fact that they emit ‘blue light’ which can prevent a proper night’s sleep or keep you awake. They are ultimately a distraction to sleeping.
  • Paperwork, diaries, lists, these will busy your mind, when you should be unwinding.

Tips 3-4

  • Limit the amount of books and magazines. This may sound daft as a lot of people read before sleep but too many make a mess and makes it hard to decide which one to read.
  • Food and drink (other than water at night) it is unhygienic to store plates cups etc, and can lead to your bedroom resembling a teenager’s with a month’s worth of dirty cups and plates!

Tips 5-6

  • Pets – this may be controversial but dogs/cats can carry a number of unhygienic things within their fur and if they jump on the bed while you are asleep they can either wake you or reduce your bed space.
  • Unworn shoes and clothes. Sort through everything and organise your wardrobe and dressing table with just the items that you use.

Tips 7-9

  • Lots of photos, ornaments and general clutter. Keep photos to a minimum or better still hang them on the wall. To many items make your bedroom complicated and uninviting, it also makes it a dust magnet which takes twice as long to clean.
  • Bright bed linen, instead choose neutral, calming colours.
  • A too hot or cold bedroom.

Positive things to have

  • Keep your bedside tables simple – table lamp, alarm clock.
  • A good mattress is so important for a good night’s sleep. These should be changed ideally every 10 years.
  • Good blackout curtains or blinds.
  • Simple tidy wardrobes and dressing table.
  • A pad and pen hidden in a bedside draw is helpful if you suddenly remember things you need to write down and can’t relax until you have them down on paper. Make sure it is put back in the bedside draw.
  • Essential medical night time items.
  • Baby monitor (if applicable).
  • Night time water.
  • 4 seasons duvet which enables you to add or take away layers of duvet dependent on the temperature.
  • Under bed storage can also be handy to declutter your bedroom.

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