How to Create a Clutter Free Hallway

Clutter Free

You’ve had a busy day and you look forward to coming home, open the door and you are faced with clutter, mess and disorganisation. Your heart sinks! Yet creating a clutter free hallway can change all of that…

The hall is the first thing you and everyone else sees when they come into your home. It is the ‘Welcome Home’ room and obviously you would like it to be ‘Welcoming’!

The hall can easily become a dumping ground for shoes, coats, school bags, papers… the list is endless. It can be an invitation for bad organisation habit forming that quickly becomes normal family behaviour!!

No… lets not let this happen and sort the hallway and any bad habits forming.

Whether a small or large hallway it can be welcoming, tidy organised. The hallway can be overlooked as being another room, be it small or large but it is and I think we need to change how we think of halls.

Keeping a hallway uncluttered ,simple and practically furnished for your family life is key.

Here are some helpful tips to achieving a Clutter free Hallway

  • If you have an under stairs cupboard that is free to use. Put in coat hooks and shelves. Have designated hooks for home and school coats. Separate shelves for shoes and boots. A basket for hats and gloves. Also one thing I do which is invaluable is a box for my son’s many sports activities .Football kit for club and school. Easy to find, organised and tidy. A shelf to put the school bags each afternoon as well is a game changer and getting the kids in the routine of putting their coats, bags and shoes up will (after some repetition from you! ) becomes habit.
  • Also below is a popular concept that allows hallways with limited under stairs storage to have pull out drawers/cupboards. This can often be built buy recommended local companies.
  • If you don’t have under stairs storage you can purchase side units with a large shelf for some storage baskets or Stylish hooks for coats or coat stand and a tiered unit for shoes. Keeping only current coats eg Winter coats in Winter time and all others in wardrobes will also reduce the amount of clutter and mess.
  • Have a specific draw in a unit for car/house keys or better still designated key hooks on the inside of a cupboard door. No more searching for missing keys.
  • Move post to an area to be dealt with as soon as possible.
  • Purchase an umbrella stand
  • A decorative ottoman or a large storage bench.
  • Stop coat hanging coats on the bottom of the stairs and worse leaving items on the stair steps.
  • Explain the changes to the family and get them all to support you.

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Hopefully my tips will help you establish a clutter free pleasing hallway that continues to be welcoming and tidy and that all your family join in to achieve.

If you would like any help with decluttering or organizing your hallway or home please do contact me.