Frequently Asked Questions About Home Organisation

What is a professional home organiser?

Are you struggling to organise your home?

Perhaps you are thinking about hiring a professional home organiser?

Either way, the below FAQs will tell you everything there is to know about the art of home organisation.

In its simplest form, a professional home organiser is someone who you hire to organise your home. However, there is so much more to professional home organisation than just that.

A professional home organiser will also devise organisational strategies based on your home and lifestyle, so that you can continue to keep your home clutter-free long after they have gone.

Will I have to throw everything away?

One of the main concerns that people have about hiring a professional home organiser is that they will make them throw everything away. However, this is simply not the case.

While decluttering is a key element of home organisation and you probably will end up throwing away some items, a professional home organiser will never make you throw anything away. Instead, they will be standing by to offer you support and advice on what items to keep and which to throw away or donate.

I am embarrassed by my messy house – will a professional home organiser judge me?

Another worry that many people have is that their home is too messy to be seen by someone they don’t know. Again, there is no need to be concerned or embarrassed about the state of your home as a professional home organiser will no doubt have seen a lot worse.

Plus, their job is to help not to judge, and they may even relish the challenge of a big job!

How long will it take to organise my home?

There is no set time limit when it comes to home organisation as it will depend on how many areas of your home you want to reorganise and how much decluttering needs to be done.

As a general rule, a professional home organiser will be able to work to your deadlines rather than the other way round and you can expect to see significant change in a matter of hours.

Do I need to purchase storage containers?

It is a good idea to wait until a professional home organiser has looked around your home and discussed your needs with you before you go out and buy any storage containers or baskets. Although these are likely to be needed, you won’t know which ones or how many until after your initial consultation.

Does a professional home organiser clean your home?

Unfortunately, a professional home organiser does not clean your home for you. However, they will declutter and help you to organise each space. Once this has been carried out, you may then want to invest in a deep cleaning service so that your home looks clean as well as clutter-free.

Is a professional home organiser expensive?

In most cases, there is not a one-size-fits-all price for hiring a professional home organiser as each home is different. That being said, a professional home organiser should be able to work out a price that fits your budget and your bespoke requirements.

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Home organisation can improve your whole being from mental state to approach in life. A tidy home is a tidy mind. We can help create the perfect decluttered area in your home.

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