Get Your Home Back In Order After The Holidays

The end of the Holidays

So the holidays are over…

Are you listening to the silence but looking around the house thinking where do I begin?

Weeks of long days, relaxed routines and let’s tidy it later!

Well now the kids are back at school, it’s time to get motivated and back into your routine. What better way to start than getting your home organised, tidy and decluttered. Here are my top tips and advice for getting your home back in order after the holidays!


  • Prioritise the most used rooms first such as the kitchen, lounge & bathroom. These rooms can often get the most disorganised and messy during the holidays.
  • Tidy and organise everything first, putting everything back in the right place before cleaning.
  • Throw away any clutter you’ve accumulated and get the washing started.
  • Sort the bathroom, putting everything back in its correct place. Check out my blog how to create smart bathroom to save you precious time in the morning.

Tips 2

  • Blitz the kids rooms, toys, books, pens, pencils, DVDs & more.
  • Invest in some home storage and organisers to help you tidy and declutter each room.
  • Change the beds with fresh sheets and tidy the cupboards & drawers.
  • Once everything is organised and tidy, you can start your deep clean of each room.
  • Check all bills, lists & emails are actioned
  • Take your time, weeks of muddle take longer that one day to sort! Don’t set yourself unrealistic goals, be kind to yourself.

Tips 3

  • Do the ironing and put away into wardrobes and drawers.
  • Create a shopping list and go food shopping without interruptions and mystery extras appearing in your trolley.
  • Fill in your weekly meal planner. Make sure you plan your meals for the week and stick to your list to save time and waste.
  • Sit down with a coffee and plan your week/month/year. Add key dates for your diary and book in essential appointments e.g. having your haircut or to see the dentist.

Tips 4

  • If you’ve been away make sure all bags & suitcases are put away out of sight – for example in the loft or in the garage.
  • Make sure all photos, holiday souvenirs & holiday equipment are put away.
  • Sort the garage for all beach, camping, paddling pool equipment. Clean and store everything away properly.
  • Catch up with friends, put regular catch-ups in your diary.

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