Handy Storage Ideas For Your Home

Handy Ideas

No matter what size our home, to maintain an organised, clutter free lifestyle and home, the right storage is essential. Using handy storage ideas can make a massive difference to the look, feel and comfort of your home.

When we think of storage we tend to think of large cupboards, boxes, plastic crates!

But to keep everything tidy, storage comes in all shapes and sizes.

Storage can be cleverly built in to your home or practical ,attractive baskets, shelving or draw units can be used to decorate and store.

20 storage ideas for a small house:


  • If hall space is limited consider having a built in under stairs cupboard (as above) these are very popular and hold a lot with an attractive design
  • Under bed storage zip holders
  • Where tidy and practical , simple hooks discreetly on the back of doors
  • Underwear/socks draw tidies
  • Use a shower tidy


  • Put up floating shelves to store lighter items.
  • Blitz and tidy the garage and install a large shelved unit
  • Store bikes, tools & equipment on garage wall hooks
  • Use wall baskets to store children’s toys
  • Small baskets/trays for makeup, toiletries, brushes, hair products and more


  • If you are redesigning and fitting a new kitchen see if are able to fit in a walk in pantry which can have numerous shelves going from floor to ceiling. If not most kitchen companies now have pull out slim Pantry style cupboards
  • Buy a bed with built in under storage
  • Ottomans for seating, coffee table and hidden storage
  • Countertop wine rack
  • Ladder shelf storage


  • Store shoes in a door hanging organiser.
  • Put bathroom towels/loo rolls and keep in a basket
  • Use baskets, decorative trunks, make up baskets or dressing table top organisers
  • Clip ties, scarves, belts to one hanger and hang in wardrobe
  • Use a spice rack

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I hope some of these ideas and tips are helpful. If you need any advice on storage, decluttering and organising I would love to hear from you.


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