Getting Organised (And The House Ready) For Christmas

Getting Ready for Christmas

For a lot of people, Christmas is an exciting time with lots to look forward to. For others the ‘Season to be Jolly’ feels them with dread and stress at all the things they will need to organise and do, leaving them very little time to enjoy Christmas and to relax with family and friends.

I hope that by reading my blog and using some of my Christmas tips you will feel able positive about getting ready for Christmas.

So, before the family descends and the house is full of even more stuff, use my tips to help you declutter and make much needed space for the holiday season. Helping you to also be organised for Christmas.


  • If you have children spend some time sorting through all their books, toys and games that they have outgrown and no longer play with. Donate and sell if you can.(Many Children’s Charities or Radio Stations do Christmas Present donations for disadvantaged children)If you don’t have time they can be boxed and labelled to be stored and then donated in the New Year.
  • Blitz your kitchen cupboards. Throw away any old/unused ambient food.
  • If you have Christmas Tableware move it all together to a cupboard that is easily accessible.(I have one cupboard that I keep all year especially for all things Christmas where I also put crackers, place mats, glasses etc.
  • If you have an under stairs cupboard where coats and shoes are kept to see if there are any not required that can be moved to a bedroom wardrobe or boxed up for a few weeks to make room for guests coats etc so your hall stays clear and tidy.
  • Clean and prepare the spare room for any relatives or guests that are coming to stay.


  • Give the oven and fridge a clean and organise as these will be used a lot over the next few weeks. Check the freezer for ‘out of date’ forgotten food, throw out and maximise the space.
  • Throw out all Christmas catalogues before Christmas. Once you have used and read them you don’t need to hang onto them, taking up more space. Also rubbish collections can vary over the Christmas holidays so you need to take advantage and get rid of as much rubbish as possible.
  • If you are needing to use more than a spare room for guests, plan well in advance what the sleeping and bathroom arrangements will be, ensuring you have enough laundered towels and bed linen.
  • If you are able to get your decorations down, out of storage do it in advance, if you have space eg in the garage to temporarily store them.


  • Plan in your shopping dates.
  • Do your Christmas lists
  • Plan your budget for each person and regularly check what you have spent.
  • Start Internet shopping before it gets too busy and may cause disappointment and delays with deliveries.
  • If you do them buy Advent calendars and candles.
  • Teacher presents?

Food Shopping

  • Plan how many people you will be catering for and on which days.
  • Plan your menus. This will help on the day and enable you to keep to a budget.
  • Buy ambient food eg crisps, chocolates ,biscuits (as long as you hide them) a few weeks before your big food shop. They have long dates on them and means a smaller shop when it is really busy.
  • Also buy any frozen food before.
  • If you haven’t done and it helps pre order your Christmas Food.
  • Plan when you are doing your big shop. If you have children, do you need to arrange for some help with looking after them so that it is easier and less stressful.
  • Remember NOT to go crazy .It is just a few special days and there is nothing worse than wasting food and money!
  • If you buy crackers, try to get ones with no plastic. Also these are often on offer nearer Christmas when you do your main shop.

1 Week Till Christmas

  • If you are entertaining – plan your Christmas Table
  • Prepare spare rooms
  • Deliver any close cards or presents.
  • If you like them and make them do your sausage rolls and mince pies.
  • Also make table centrepiece.
  • Buy batteries or better still rechargeable ones and a charger.
  • Plan your Christmas Day and all food timings. Sounds crazy but if you have this to follow it will be easy to follow and eliminate so much stress and worry.
  • Collect food order/shopping
  • Clean/tidy house.
  • Throw out the Christmas catalogues and make a note of any rubbish collection date changes.
  • Plan when food needs defrosting if applicable.
  • Teacher Christmas cards and presents.

Christmas Eve

  • Everyone’s Christmas Eve is different but if you are able to prepare as much in advance as possible.
  • Set the Christmas Table
  • Make Table centrepiece, if not bought.
  • Write table place cards and put out.
  • Prepare all food and store in the fridge.
  • Put out stockings
  • Track Santa on the computer!
  • Enjoy Yourself.

General Tips

  • If you like to, donate to local charities.
  • Check last postal dates.
  • Plan Christmas Day games- if you do them.
  • Christmas Jumper Day 13th December
  • Note rubbish collection dates.
  • Batteries.
  • Bin liners.
  • Do lists for everything to keep you organised and on track.
  • Ask for help if you need it.

Get in Touch

I do hope my Christmas Top Tips help you with getting organised for Christmas and reduce any stress you may have. The more you plan ahead, the easier (and more enjoyable) it will be.

View my Instagram/Facebook post and live post on my Christmas Countdown Planner which you may be able to adapt to use for yourself and family, to help.

Stay calm and enjoy yourself

Happy Christmas!

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