What is National Organising Week? My Top Home Organisation Tips.

Organisational Week

November 4th-10th may not be a significant week for most people but it is for Professional Organisers & Declutterers as it is National Organising Week.

As I promote all things organised & decluttered for me it is an excellent opportunity to help you with My Top Tips for organising your home which will help you make the most of it.

This week is also an excellent time for anyone who has been thinking, maybe for a longtime about getting their home clutter free & organised.

Do you feel that your home, some rooms, all rooms leave you feeling suffocated with all your stuff? Overfilled wardrobes, bursting kitchen cupboards & mountains of books & toys.

I hope I can always, but especially this week, inspire you to make the changes you have been dreaming of to help you have a calmer more simple home life which in turn will leave you to manage & have more time for yourself and your family.

It will also help you love your home again and say goodbye to the clutter & stress.

About us

My Decluttering & Organising Top Tips

  • Make a list, room by room of what you want & need to do & why!
  • Declutter, Donate and Sell as needed.
  • Do you need more storage? Order it if required.
  • Plan dates & times to start on each room. Space them out so that you still have time for yourself & the family or work, and plan on days that you know you will have no interruptions.
  • Do not underestimate time scales.
  • Allow plenty of time so that you do not become overwhelmed & lose motivation.
  • Plan to declutter, clean & then reorganise.
  • Visualise how you want the space to look afterwards & write this down or even draw a paper plan.
  • Write down what stops you from easily achieving your goals taking more time than is necessary and what does and doesn’t work.
  • Remind yourself why you are doing this and how great you will feel when you have done each room.
  • Discuss with the family your plans. Can they help? Do you need to chat to your children about their toys & how they feel about reorganising and maybe donating to a charity?
  • Have bin liners or boxes ready for donations or rubbish
  • Tell yourself what a great job you are doing. Remember that you may have some hard decisions to make. Some items may have memories, were given to you by someone close or was from a significant event.
  • Not everything has to go! It can be sorted through and then reorganised. Special cards organised into set boxes and stored in the loft and not in all the kitchen draws, once they have been looked through and you have decided what to keep & what not to keep.

Storage Tips

  • Having the right storage & the right amount is key!
  • Firstly decide which rooms, cupboards, makeup, toiletries, under stairs cupboard even the garage need storage.
  • Go into each room & look at what you need. List everything down.
  • Take measurements and consider Baskets, Makeup storage, Boxes, Hangers, Hanging or under bed storage, Food containers & boxes.
  • Do your research to find the best products & best prices Ebay, Amazon, Wilkinsons, Lidl, Tesco, The Range… to name a few.
  • Spend time looking through Pinterest, Instagram, my website & others for ideas on the look you might like & other storage ideas.
  • Order in plenty of time so the storage arrives in plenty of time for when you need it.

Kitchen Tips

  • Load the dishwasher with like for like cutlery together making in loading so much quicker as all eg forks etc together & can be taken out together.
  • Plan your meals every Sunday. Use a list, chalk board or diary.
  • Lay breakfast out the night before to help make mornings less stressful & time zapping.
  • Make lunch boxes the night before and store in the fridge.
  • Reuse plastic fruit/salad packets to organise jars in fridges & cupboards.
  • Don’t guess – make a list when you go shopping.
  • Put washing liquid, dishwasher tablets, washing powder etc in boxes. Keeps it all clean as well as tidy.
  • To keep your dishcloth clean put it in with the dishes in the dishwasher each wash.

Bedroom / Bathroom Tips

  • Only have the toiletries you need in the shower-stop storing on the floor. Use hanging shower storage.
  • Put all like for like products in storage together in order of usage. eg all face products together, shampoo.  etc. Amazon example.
  • Roll towels if tight for space.
  • Store cleaning products in a carry caddie under the sink.
  • Plan your clothes the night before.
  • Use Rain-x spray available at Amazon or Halfords after cleaning the shower. This changes the water to drops and keeps it cleaner for much longer!
  • Use draw tidies for underwear & socks.

Make up Tips

  • Clean all brushes regularly.
  • Update makeup. Old makeup is unhygienic and not good for your skin.
  • Invest in a handy dressing table top organiser.
  • Only use a makeup bag for your handbag.
  • Use baskests for make up brushes

See more of my makeup decluttering tips here

General Tips

  • If you have sporty kids – put a spare set of PE kit/football kit in the wardrobe or under stairs cupboard in two boxes. So that if one is filthy and a new one is needed the next day for school/club you can easily just put the new kit in the school bag and not stress about having to get everything washed & dried overnight! Most shops do reasonably priced PE kits.
  • Use a daily/weekly/yearly planner.
  • Organise your week into home, personal, shopping, work, school, appointments & family.
  • Reuse old biscuit tins (such as all of those this Christmas!) for storage.
  • Buy Birthday cards a week or month in advance – note that you have them!
  • When you change the bed – after washing put all the same bedding set together in one of the sets pillow cases.
  • Try and get the family into the routine that shoes, bags, coats etc go straight in the cupboard or under stairs as soon as they get in from work or school.

Good Luck with all your reorganising plans. I hope this will give you the motivation for decluttering & organising your home.

If you need any help with reorganising your home I offer a one hour free consultation & would love to hear from you!