Our Home Transformation at No.14 – The Kitchen

Our Home Transformation at No.14 - The Kitchen

he renovation and transformation of downstairs has been a major change with extensive planning and research.

The plan:

  • Firstly, move the kitchen to the back of the house (which was the family room) including a Pantry
  • Then, put the dining room where the kitchen currently is, in the middle.
  • Finally, completely swap the layout of the lounge and change the dining room to a Utility room
  • Add a Conservatory and refurbish the cloakroom

As this was such a large transformation I will do separate blogs to show other areas, like the lounge etc.

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The Kitchen

Currently the kitchen was in the middle of the house, with a low ceiling and even with extra lighting was dark. By moving it, the kitchen will overlook the garden and the french doors will open from the kitchen.

It is a large open plan kitchen, and this was also the plan for the new one.

I also had a dream of a Pantry, my Grandma had one of these and I had always wanted one. They hold a massive amount of storage and would enable the reduction of wall cabinets.

The new room has Velux windows with a high ceiling, lots of light and a built in seating area and breakfast bar.

To achieve the new kitchen:

  • Small internal wall was taken down
  • All flooring removed
  • Complete new and repositioned plumbing
  • New WREN kitchen
  • Built in American style Seating area
  • Breakfast bar
  • Range cooker
  • American style Fridge/freezer
  • Making a large opening between kitchen and lounge.
  • Fabulous Barn style doors


A predominately grey kitchen with some elements of muted orange was chosen.

The units were all floor cupboards except for 2 wall mounted.

1 large unit to house the fridge freezer and a concealed double bin unit, genius!

To soften the corners and give flow to the kitchen corner cupboards, internal and external are curved.

An unusual Textured Leather work top and all the wood for the table top, breakfast bar, shelving and corner tops were from Wren’s sister company.

The benefit of a WREN kitchen is that you can continually amend your ideas and plans up to approx 1 month before delivery. On certain ranges it is completely built and not flat pack. Their range of accessories is extensive.

The Range oven, Belfast sink, Insinkerator Boiling Hot water tap and 2 wine coolers were also ordered with Wren.

Furthermore, the black slate flooring was carried through from kitchen to dining room which gives the rooms an even bigger feel while allowing the rooms to flow into each other but with separation by the wall column.

The tiles are uneven which depth and interest.

Black can sound scary but as the rooms were large they give a strong definition to the kitchen, which works well.

Pop up plug in worktop.

Neptune Pendant lights over the seating area which was handmade by the super talented builder – Mike@RaldeneInteriors

Velux blinds were fitted, as although light was a key factor with the new kitchen position it can get quite warm in the Summer !


Pendant lights https://www.neptune.com/lighting/pendants-ceiling-lights/tennyson/tennyson-pendant/ 
Cranbrook Rough boarding wall panels are from Neptune.(https://www.neptune.com/decorating/wall-coverings/)

Kitchen has ceiling spotlights, oven/extractor fan lighting and in the kitchen units plinths.

Grey walls are Chic Shadow from Dulux.

Metallic copper tiling was from a local Poole Dorset tiling company.

Fantastic Barn Doors (I will show more in the lounge blog) are handmade by Mike as are the copper piping poles he made so that the lovely copper utensils could be shown off and not hidden in a drawer.

This was a mammoth transformation which has given amazing results.

From the new kitchen the garden, lounge, dining room can be seen and some of the hallway is now visible. The shape allows for lots of family social time.


The decision was made to build the pantry into the end of the adjoining dining room as the room was large enough and adjacent to the kitchen.

Firstly, a stud wall was built and the pantry was shelved from the floor up to maximise the room.

To give interest and character a stable door with a latch handle was added, and inside are all dry foods and cumbersome kitchen appliances that are not used every day, also all glasses and excess mugs etc.

Also, the pantry also has decorative food crates, which can be written on and for storage. It isn’t Instagram perfect but it’s practical and works.

The pantry is one of the best ideas I had and is used constantly.

Lastly, it gives so much storage and enables the kitchen to be kept clutter free and tidy.

I highly recommend fitting one if you are thinking of it!

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To finish off, I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have writing it and reliving the change and the transformation of our kitchen.

Continuing on from this blog, there will be blogs to follow regarding the rest of our renovation.

If I can help with any decluttering or interiors please do contact me or follow me on Facebook and Instagram.