Smart Bathroom Ideas That Will Save You Time in The Morning

Useful Tips

Is it just me or does the time in the morning seem to go by twice as quickly as any other time of the day? You find yourself getting out of bed at the last minute, rushing your morning shower, getting soap in your eyes and then before you know it, you’re late! Having a morning routine and some smart bathroom ideas is essential to being a calm, relaxed, ‘I’ve got this’ individual in the morning… A routine and organised morning can also allow you time should any unplanned mishaps occur ‘like burning the toast’.

Here are my top tips and advice on how to organise your bathroom ‘smartly’ so that you can start your day stress free and in the best possible way.

Tips 1-3

  • Keep your bathroom tidy and clutter free so that towels, toiletries etc are easy to find and use.
  • Have your shower gels and shampoo together and accessible in the shower and not mixed with lots of extra bottles.

  • Throw empty bottles away.

Tips 4-5

  • Have your make up bag ready the night before in the bedroom or bathroom, not downstairs in your handbag or better still have separate makeup that you leave upstairs with only your morning essentials.
  • Use a makeup mirror or invest in a demister mirror if you do your make up in the bathroom.

Tips 6-8

  • Don’t deviate from the bathroom! TV, computer or phone!
  • This may not be to everyone’s liking but you can shower and wash your hair the night before and just have a wash and freshen up in the morning!
  • Organise what clothes you are wearing the night before. Wardrobe dilemmas can be a major time eater. Hang them on the bathroom door if you have space – the heat from the shower will reduce any wrinkles in your clothing.

Tips 9-11

  • Clean your teeth BEFORE breakfast , this is now recommended by dentists!
  • You may share the bathroom with family, flatmate, partner etc and so making a bathroom schedule and getting everyone to stick to it is essential.
  • Place your bath mat & towels by the shower the night before.

Steps to Follow

Set yourself time targets to ensure you are out the door on time. Here is a practical order you can follow:

  1. Get up
  2. Shower
  3. Make up
  4. Shave (men), (females this must be done the night before)
  5. Dry hair
  6. Dressed
  7. Breakfast
  8. Rinse with mouthwash if desired

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With Autumn not too far away the darker mornings will soon be here and this always seems to make getting up harder! But by following my Smart Bathroom Ideas you will be up and ready to go with ease.

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