Summer Holiday Packing Top Tips

Packing Tips

Now the Summer is officially here it is that time of year when some of you lucky people will be going on holiday, and one of the main things on your pre-holiday checklist will be summer holiday packing!

I personally really enjoy the whole packing process, but I know for some people it can be really stressful deciding what to take, how much, the best ways to pack and always keeping an eye on the all-important case weight!

TOP TIP- On your return list the items that you did wear or use /or needed more of and what you didn’t wear..

Use this as a guideline to help you with your next holiday packing!

I do hope my holiday packing tips will make your packing experience less stressful.

Below I will share with you my top tips on an organised, stress free and successful packing routine.

Have a fantastic Summer holiday!

What you don't need

  • Firstly if you don’t already have one, buy the right suitcase! Soft cases are now a lot stronger and more durable, not to mention lighter. You can look for one that has an extra expander zip which enables the case to easily take more clothes without you having to sit on it for it to close.

  • Create an individual packing list for each member of your family. Clothes, toiletries, medicines, suncream, plug adaptors, all gadgets and shoes!

  • Hang all the clothes up in family order and fold in piles.

  • Work out how many days & nights you require clothes for and cut back where possible. For example clothes for evenings can be worn for at least 2 or 3 occasions. Beach clothes/swimwear can easily be rinsed and dried.

  • If taking jumpers or sweatshirts, try and take neutral coloured ones. This will mean they will match with most other clothing so you can pack less.

  • Again try and take shoes that are versatile and can be worn with lots of clothing. Reducing weight again.

  • Be aware of what your hotel or apartment may provide, e.g. Beach towels, toiletries or hairdryers and if you’re happy with what they can offer, then you need not worry about packing these items.

  • Wherever possible take holiday/trial size toiletries. These can be purchased from your local supermarket or boots store. Or for an even cheaper alternative, keep old trial size reusable bottles and fill from your own full sized ones.

Pack Efficently

  • Ensure you have checked all items that can/cannot be packed in your cases or hand luggage, if you’re not sure visit for more advice.

  • Before you pack hoover your case (if not new), to make sure all old sand is removed from the last trip.

  • Put an address label safely inside the case just in case the outside label goes missing.

  • Many items are available abroad but may be a different brand and can be quite expensive e.g. Baby’s nappies and sun cream so it is advisable to take these items with you.

  • Another great packing aid is packing/laundry pouches. These come in various colours and pack sizes. I purchased these from amazon for £5.99 (prices may change) Packing pouches enable you to pack so much more but keep everything organised and easy to find. Tip – buy different colours for each family member.

  • If this may be costly, another idea, is to use resealable sandwich bags (if you have them).Tip – if you have small children you can even organise complete outfits, day by day and put them straight into a bag ready to wear.

  • Place all awkward shapes e.g. shoes, hair straighteners etc at the bottom of the case, and  all toiletries ideally in a travel wash bag. Place small items socks, adaptors and chargers inside shoes where possible.

While Abroad

  • Label all plugs, chargers etc to save confusion the other end with which one is for which/who’s gadget!

  • For those who read try and take paperback books to reduce weight or even invest in a Kindle reader. These are cheaper than to buy books, can hold 100’s of titles and weigh next to nothing. If you do take books put some in your hand luggage to save on case weight.

  • Fold as many clothes in clothing groups e.g. t-shirts and place in pouches. Or fold as per the Konmari method 

  • Put a mixture of all family members clothes into all cases to ensure everyone will have some clothes should a case go missing. Again if using coloured pouches it will still be organised as each member has a different colour pouch.

  • Place more delicate clothes at the top or in the inside lid of the case if it has an area for this.

  • Place softer items on the top e.g. sweatshirts. This will keep everything together and solid.

  • If you have any safe, robust items e.g. box of plasters put them in the small space pockets you will find once you have put the majority of your case together. There is always a small space you can find with your hands.

No Stress

  • If you are planning on shopping on holiday allow some extra capacity in your case or only half fill one.

  • Use internal straps to secure.

  • Put a ribbon or band on your suitcase so that it is easy to recognise when it is on the conveyor belt with 200 other similar cases.

  • Add a secure label to the case handle with outward journey. Change to home address and flight number on your return.

  • If possible weigh your case to ensure you have not exceeded the maximum weight allowance.

  • Lock your case with a strong padlock, some cases have this built in.

  • If you are taking make up or liquids in your hand luggage ensure you follow the correct guidelines and take some spare sandwich bags with you in case there are none at the airport.

  • Check and double check tickets, passports and all travel documentation. Top tip- keep together in a labelled folder or travel wallet in your hand luggage.
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