What is a Professional Organiser?

What is a Professional Organiser?

According to Wikipedia, a Professional Organiser “offers a wide variety of services from designing a functional wardrobe, to organising a home move or to Property Styling. For homeowners planning and reorganising the space in a room, improving paper management, time management or helping to set and achieve organisational goals”.

Yet in honesty, it’s much more than that. A Professional Organiser can help with decluttering and reorganising any room in your home, or even just a wardrobe, the children’s toys, a playroom or a disorganised office workplace.

In America and Australia Professional Organisers are well known and are hired as routinely as going to your dentist or hairdressers. Having your own Personal Fitness trainer or cleaner would not have been heard of a few years ago… now it is common practice and actively sought after on a regular basis.

BBC – Can decluttering your house really make you happier? By Sarah Griffiths May 2019

We have many qualities and skills as a Professional Organiser that make us successful in helping people get organised, such as being a:

  • Project Leader
  • Time Manager
  • Perfectionist with great attention to detail
  • Problem solver
  • Confidential and Patient
  • Having an eye for Interior styling and how to best use your space
  • Highly organised
  • Friendly and understanding

If I hire a Professional Organiser, what is the ‘Decluttering Process?

Every home, room, or space is different, so there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution for decluttering a home. I do however have a process that I go through with every client to ensure they get the service they need:

  1. I offer an hours free consultation where (if possible) I will meet you or at least discuss your needs by a phone call.
  2. We’ll discuss what your requirements are and how I can help you to achieve them.
  3. Where possible I shall then give an idea of timescales, however this may have to be an estimate as some projects are harder to be specific.
  4. Following this I’ll need to spend time with you to sort through all of the items in your space and help you decide what to keep, or not. This is where a Professional Organiser is key as they can ask questions, offer guidance and occasionally be firm (in a pleasant way of course!) to ensure you get the results you really want to achieve.
  5. Once this is done the items can be organised into ‘keep’, ‘donate’, ‘sell’ or ‘bin’!
  6. As a Professional Organiser I aim to permanently improve my clients lives and space and part of this is that I will suggest storage solutions and aids to use and where to purchase these.
  7. I’ll then make suggestions on how best to use and enhance your space to maximise impact and results. This may be suggestions on moving furniture, colours, decor and other small alterations.
  8. And finally, I will then come back and organise to achieve my clients goals and then meet them again to guarantee that they are happy with the end result and how to manage their area so that calm and organisation continues after I have gone.

Netflix or YouTube How To Organize Your Closets/Tidying up with Marie Kondo


Don’t Apologise… Organise!

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