Home Organisation

Home Organisation

As a professional organiser, I’ll take the stress out of home organisation. I suggest inspirational ideas and help you to deliver a dream style to your home. Offering a bespoke home organisation service tailored to you and your home’s needs, covering everything from being a professional wardrobe organiser to a full home organisation.

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Helping you decide

Decisions on what to keep and what to let go can sometimes be a difficult decision and as a professional organiser, believe me I have seen it all. To this end, I can help you to make these decisions no matter how hard they are by explaining the ‘real’ reasons behind doing so.

Another part of what I do as a home organiser is to offer advice on storage solutions. Sometimes it is not just about decluttering by removing ‘stuff’ but more about better use of the space you have.


Once I have done the initial work I offer practical solutions to help maintain the organisation within your space. This helps take the pressure of keeping on top of everything in an ever demanding world.

Below are just some examples of home organisation help I provide:

  • Folding techniques
  • Hacks to organise your food storage, in particular your fridge
  • Ironing
  • Storage

The process

  • Client calls and arranges free one hour consultation, in home, email or phone call. We will look at the areas to work on at what they would like to achieve.
  • I work with my client to go through all items to clear, donate or keep. This may take a few sessions as can take longer than is expected.
  • I will then declutter & reorganise the chosen area and use existing or new storage to provide an area that is tidy, organised and manageable.
  • I leave an organised area, wardrobe, kitchen etc for the client. Removing the stress and bringing calm.
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