It seems that if you mention decluttering, tidying or organising all anyone then talks about is Marie Kondo and her Konmari art of tidying up!

But what exactly is her art of tidying, and how do you declutter your home like Marie Kondo?

It is her Japanese Art of tidying decluttering and organising. It is a simple approach that will help you keep any items that ‘spark joy’, and discard any that don’t (after thanking them for serving you).

She has a Konmari checklist which helps you on your quest to love your space and achieve the ideal home and lifestyle.

The Konmari checklist:

It is important to remember that you have spent a number of years collecting items and that you need to be patient with yourself. It is unrealistic to aim to completely declutter your home and clear everything out in just one day. What’s important is to decide to first declutter, and then begin the journey.

Two years ago my husband and I started a total house remodel. As we were looking at each room and new furniture choices it occurred to me that a lot of the ‘stuff’ we had we never used, didn’t enjoy or even forgot it was there.This included furniture, kids toys, clothes, kitchen gadgets… the list goes on! Have a think about each of your rooms and things in them that spark joy in you.

I am a very organised and tidy person but realised a key point to planning our house changes was to cut the clutter and keep everything to a required minimum. Consider the things in you home that you actually need and have a required use? We did this and have been living a minimalist lifestyle ever since and it has ensured our home is organised and easy to keep clean and tidy.

As a Professional Organiser I have come to know about Marie Kondo and her methods to keeping a tidy home to maintain peace and harmony. The strict Kondo rules may not apply to everyone, however I believe this is what I have learned and benefited from:

1. Declutter BEFORE you start organising

  • Don’t just move things around. This doesn’t achieve your long term goal and only guarantees everything getting messy again.
  • Evaluate all the items you own and question if you use them,do they bring you joy or have a sentimental attachment.
  • Never keep anything you don’t use or love. Be ruthless.

2. Start with clothing

  • Go through all of your clothing. Hold them and think about when you last wore each item? Are you waiting until it fits you? Was it worn at a special event? Do you still need it? Be honest with yourself.
  • If it doesn’t spark joy or have a positive answer to your questions ,thank it and then put in the Charity donation pile.
  • The Kon Mari method suggests to pile all your clothes together and then go through them. I personally prefer to go through hanging garments and then draws, one room at a time and not all the families clothes at once.This is my preference as I find I am not so overwhelmed by clothes and am able to reorganise easily.
  • Tidy as quickly as possible in one go.

3. Commit to tidying up

  • Plan when you are going to declutter your home and then organise. Allow yourself plenty of time and don’t get distracted as this will delay your momentum and success.
  • Set yourself an order for tidying.

The Kon Mari method is:

  • Clothing, books, documents, miscellaneous and sentimental items last.
  • This order is important as it is generally easier to part with clothes than sentimental school pictures, books etc.The idea is that this order will make letting go of some sentimental items easier.
  • Again this order can be done room by room if preferred and even listing miscellaneous items is advantageous.

4. Know that it will look worse before it looks better

  • Be ready for more mess and an eye opener to actually seeing how much stuff you have as you pull it out of cupboards and see it pile and build up.
  • Take photos before and after …It will remind you of how much stuff you had and will show you how well you have done and give you a great feeling of satisfaction.

5. Any storage is essential

  • You may have lots of space and storage or very little.Which ever you have, having the best storage to fit your space is key.
  • If you have lots of wardrobes and draws and keep filling them and have no system to maintain organisation, it is pointless. Limited space makes organisation essential.
  • There are numerous organisation aids available. One example is draw tidies.

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7. Fold clothes the Marie Kondo way

  • Once you have sorted through all your clothes you can fold like Marie Kondo.
  • By folding certain clothing you can reduce the amount of space you use in your draws and wardrobe whilst allowing you to easily find the clothes you love.
  • Coordinating them by colour as well looks great.
  • I always advise using the same hangers this totally changes the appearance of your clothes and wardrobe and gives it an extra “wow factor”.

See how Marie Kondo does it here

8.Tidy up BEFORE you move

“If you want to meet a beautiful home that is just right for you,take care of the one you live in now” Marie Kondo.

  • It is essential to declutter before you move, if not you are just moving clutter from your existing home to your new one.
  • If you do it, it will make moving so much easier and you will ensure everything you own and move you already love.

Stop putting off the clutter and start now!

If you live in Dorset and need some help decluttering, organising or tidying your home, then please do get in touch with me here.

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