Although I like to think of myself as an organised person, there have been many times where I found myself spending lots of time tidying and cleaning! Over time I found this had a demoralising effect on me and made me feel that all I did was clean, tidy and repeat! But Decluttering gives a real sense of Peace of Mind.

One major time was when we started our family, we have two children, one girl and one boy.

I am sure that if you asked anyone who has children they would never say it doesn’t change your life or you don’t accumulate lots of stuff! Bottles, nappies, clothes, toys, pushchairs, new bedroom furniture the list is endless.You can try and minimise what you buy but friends and relatives will be generous with gifts and as the children grow you find you have to get new things to move with their age. With more than one child and different genders , some items can’t be shared and this means double stuff!! As you are so busy with your family life and you could be working parents suddenly you find yourself looking around and realising that you have so much clutter and not enough time or energy to sort it all out.

It is so easy, and normal to just tidy it or squeeze it into a cupboard and shut the door.

This can relate to anything in your house. The kitchen and garage or bedroom draws are common areas of a home.

What happened to me is that as tidy and organised as I am I still was trying to find certain items that were at the bottom of a draw or would even buy something twice as I couldn’t find what I was looking for and thought I had lost it!!

I knew that I had to stop and realise why I was using so much time and energy on trying to keep the house tidy and more importantly why I was so fed up and falling out of love with our wonderful home. I only saw mess and clutter, and forever picking up items and moving stuff back to the room they should be in. I couldn’t relax as I always felt something needed organising and sorting.

I then realised that if I had less stuff, less clutter I wouldn’t have to keep moving it as  it wouldn’t be there and the result would be more space and time! 

I then organised my time to go through every room and declutter and organise everything.

I used baskets, draw and wardrobe organisers, sorted the under stairs cupboard, kitchen draws and the kids rooms, the whole house. I gave to Charity shops and sold on Ebay.

It took time and effort but the results were amazing.The feeling of satisfaction when I had sorted a room was immense and I found myself going back into each room and feeling great pride with the results I had achieved.

Taking a de-cluttering and organised approach dramatically improved my mental health and stress levels and so carried on with this as our children have grown and applied it as much as I can. This is just my example and is relevant to all homes, offices or workplaces and not just for people with children and can be applied by everyone.

I try and regularly keep a check on ‘our’ clutter which helps me keep on top of the house and our busy life. After all Tidy home means tidy mind!

Decluttering has many benefits, including very importantly decluttering for mental health and peace of mind.

It helps you declutter your mind, become more productive and ultimately gives you more time to spend with your loved ones. Having more time for yourself and your family is priceless.

Reducing stress improves your mental and physical wellbeing .It helps you enjoy your home. You no longer blame the house for your lack of time and energy. The emotional impact mess brings affects everyone differently but by becoming more productive the impact on yourself cannot be underestimated.

I hope if you are reading this it will make sense and help you realise that you can reduce your stress and bring yourself happiness by decluttering and organising your wardrobe, rooms, flat, house or garage.

A tidy home and changes take time and effort. Please be kind to yourself .

Decluttering is not only for peace of mind, it will make your home work for you and not you work for the home!

If I can help you with any decluttering or organising to maximise your space please do get in touch by phone or email.

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