When you walk into any holiday home, first impressions are vital!

As a Holiday Home Owner you will want your clients to get that ‘wow’ feeling as soon as they open the front door. To maintain a successful business you need to aim for no less than 100% customer satisfaction. This is why you will want your Holiday Home to be clean, tidy, stylish & comfortable.

Every small detail is important ……and will be noticed!

To ensure you achieve this I have put together a handy Holiday Home Management Checklist that if followed will help you cover all areas and give your holiday home that WOW factor.


  • Vacuum and wash floors so that they are sparkly clean.
  • Clean mirror and dust blinds.
  • Clean inside and outside door.
  • Add welcome note & flowers for that extra special touch.

Living Room

  • Clean and vacuum all floors/carpets ,not forgetting under all furniture.
  • Dust everywhere, tops of pictures, ceiling lights and curtain poles.
  • Clear all cobwebs and dead flies. 
  • Make sure all papers,magazines are restocked and up to date.
  • Plump all seats and cushions.
  • Clean and refuel the fires or log burners.
  • Put guest information folder on coffee table.


  • Clean fridge and freezer ensuring any old items are removed.
  • Clean and anti-bac all work surfaces.
  • Clean the oven and microwave, including underneath.
  • Make sure all the crockery, cutlery, glasses, pots and pans are clean and well stocked.
  • Clean and replace dishcloths and tea towels.
  • Clean toaster.
  • Wash all floors.
  • Make sure bins are empty and clean with new bin liners replaced.
  • Any welcome pack that needs to be refrigerated is put in the fridge.
  • Welcome pack placed on the worktop.

Dining room

  • Vacuum all carpets.
  • Dust all table & chairs.
  • Dust all decor and window ledges.
  • Place a vase of fresh flowers on the table.
  • Replace and clean all table cloths & mats.


  • Remove, replace and launder bedding. To add extra freshness spray some febreeze.
  • Dust everywhere again. 
  • Check all wardrobes, ensuring there are sufficient hangers and they are all tidied and facing the same way.Tip putting in scented drawer liners and wardrobe fresheners is a nice touch.
  • Remove any items that may have been left behind.
  • Vacuum everywhere including under all furniture.
  • Put a small vase of flowers on the dressing table a nice touch.

Bathroom/Guest toilet

  • Vacuum and wash all floors.
  • Wash and replace all towels and bath mats.
  • Clean all mirrors and tiles.
  • Clean blinds and dust window ledges.
  • Clean sinks, no limescale.
  • Clean all toilets, replace toilet rim freshener.
  • Refill toilet rolls and style tip into a point. Place more rolls in a basket within the bathroom.


  • Cut grass in both front & back gardens.
  • Clear all leaves.
  • Empty bins,including the recycling bin.
  • Clean outside patio and all furniture.
  • Water all plants and tidy hanging baskets, tubs and pots.
  • Replace and remove dead plants.
  • Cut back and tidy all bushes, trees and shrubs as required.
  • Clean and check the barbecue is working. All utensils are clean and present and barbecue fuel is full.
  • Sweep all paths.
  • Check all outside lighting is working.
  • Clean and check the safety of all outside play equipment.

General Tips

  • Keep all areas clear and uncluttered.
  • Check all batteries and light bulbs.
  • Clean all skirting boards, door tops and handles.
  • Clean all windows, inside and out.
  • Check smoke alarm.
  • Check First Aid box and refill if needed.
  • Maintain checks on Fire extinguishers.
  • Have keys together, clearly labelled and accessible. 
  • TV remote/DVD player instructions on coffee table.
  • All Tourist information and guides on hall table.

Style Tips

  • Bathroom Style Tips – add a room freshener and diffuser.
  • Roll towels and alternate the colours.
  • Add some pretty face cloths and soap by the sink.
  • Hand cream and complimentary toiletries are a nice touch.
  • Add pictures and home accessories to add bathroom chic.
  • Maintain fresh light colours to all rooms and continually check decor is to the highest standard.
  • Adding home decor to each room adds interest and shows attention to detail.

Holiday Home Management Tips (The Final Check)

  • After each guest has left and you have followed the above list, go back and double check every room, wall by wall, room by room. Detail is key.
  • Even better is to get a fresh pair of eyes that is less familiar and may notice something that is missed.

I do hope you find my Holiday Home Management Tips useful for managing your holiday home. Always remember attention to detail is so important and will guarantee your guests have a wonderful holiday, return for future holidays, and perhaps most importantly, recommend you to their family and friends!

If you own a holiday home in Dorset and need some help with decluttering, organising or restyling your second home, then please get in touch!

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