Bathrooms, like the kitchen, are one of the most used rooms in any household.

That’s why keeping them clean, tidy and organised can be a challenge. Here are my 5 top tips for a clutter-free bathroom.

Tips for keeping your bathroom glass crystal clear

1. Avoid those water streaks for crystal clear glass.

Once you’ve cleaned the shower glass spray with ‘Rain X 2-in-1 glass cleaner’ from Halfords, B&Q or Wilko. It retains the water as droplets, not streaks, and keeps the glass looking cleaner, for longer.

Tidy Towels in Bathroom Storage

2. Roll up your towels.

If you’re lucky enough to have space to keep fresh towels in your bathroom, make the most of the space and roll your towels. It takes less time than folding, looks stylish and uses less space.

Clever cleaning products storage tips

3. Keep cleaning products to hand.

Storing all your cleaning products in a stylish organiser keeps everything to hand and stops endless trips up and down the stairs during every clean. I grabbed this one from Garden Trading.

Clutter-free bathroom tips products in neat storage baskets

4. Stop leaving shower products on the side!

Now this sounds obvious, but bathrooms get messy when shampoos and shower gels are left on the side, bottle tops off and all. Pick up a soft canvas bag (our one was from Next), shower tidy, wooden baskets or small handy containers to hold all your products and reap the benefits of a tidy bath and shower.

5-star bathroom styling tips

5. Add a little bit of 5-star styling

If you already hang your dressing gowns on the back of the door, and if you don’t you should, hang them on padded hangers for that 5-star finishing touch.

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