Mornings seem to disappear don’t they? Especially during the working week.

With rush hour and the school run to navigate, every minute counts to getting out the door in time.

Our children are now old enough to walk to school with their friends, however when I did do the school run it could sometimes feel like I was trying to climb a mountain!

Whilst trying to avoid the usual distractions and “but, can I just…” moments, I found the start of the day one of the most stressful times and would find myself unintentionally taking my stress out on the kids. This did not help get the day off to a good start for anyone.

Over the years I’ve made simple changes to my morning routine that keeps everything on track, stress free and rarely behind schedule. I’m sharing a few of the things I’ve changed in the hope that sharing encourages you to make even one tweak to help you start your day with a smile.

The kids

One major delay was getting the kids back upstairs to clean their teeth, they’d just get distracted with their latest book or Lego they were building and add another 20 minutes onto our timings. So I brought the toothpaste and toothbrushes down to the guest bathroom right next to the front door. Making your movements around the house as efficient as possible can really cut down on time.

Packed lunches

The thought of the packed lunches always seemed better to leave until the morning! Wrong! I found this zapped my time away, so I started getting the lunches ready the night before. Stick them in the fridge in a sealed lunch box and they’ll stay fresh for the next day. I have never faltered from this and it has made such a difference.

Top tip: making them whilst I was in the kitchen preparing tea helped save even more time.


Another idea that has helped us all is laying breakfast out ready for the next day. Again this saved time and if I was still busy the kids on occasion could start to help themselves. It also eliminated last minute requests for breakfast and any arguments that could arise.

School bags

Leaving the school bags on the floor full after a long day is easily done. You just want to sit down on the sofa and rest your feet, right? Spend a few minutes emptying the school bags as soon as the kids get in and reorganise them for the next day, including P.E bags. It’ll save chasing around in the morning trying to find everything or digging the P.E kit out from the ironing pile when you’re about to leave.


No matter how many times I used to remind my kids about socks and jumpers they still came down without them on! It was just another delay that we really didn’t have time for. If you can, hang the school uniforms out ready on the back of their bedroom door and it just speeds the whole process up. As the kids have got older I find they are able to get they’re own uniform out and on. Hanging it up when they get home however is another story!

It wasn’t tranquility all mornings, delays happen but I did find these easy changes, and doing the jobs whilst you have the luxury of time in the afternoon and evening before, made such a difference to our mornings. It just made it a little bit easier to start the day right.

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