OK so Spring Cleaning isn’t the most exciting job of the year.

But now that Spring is here with its longer days filled with sunshine, it really is the perfect time to put plans in place to declutter the house, restyle a dysfunctional room or start that dream property renovation.

I set up Julies D-Clutter as I’m a passionate Professional Organiser. My job is to help you to make your home work better for you and your family. Moving, changing, tidying up, and organising may bring initial confusion (and sometimes dread) but very quickly it will bring a smile to your face and you will realise how easy, satisfying and more efficient it is. After all there is no better feeling than seeing all your hard work pay off.

And that’s why I’m writing this blog, to share my top tips and ideas to get some ticks on your to-do list, starting with my “How to Clean & Style a Bathroom – My Top Tips“.

Home Organising

One of my favourite ’tidying up tasks’ is my wardrobe. It gives me a chance to look through all my clothes and shoes and reminisce about when I last wore them. But it also means I can see what I don’t need anymore.  By asking these three simple yet effective questions – 1) when did I last wear this? 2) how do they make me feel? And 3) can I see myself wearing this again? – I can simplify my wardrobe, remove anything I no longer need and start to put like for like clothes together.  

There is more space and organisation bringing a feeling of contentment and control now that the clothes that do not “Spark Joy” are gone. I think this is because you can just get carried away with buying clothes especially if there is a sale or now that some fast fashion lines are now at such affordable prices. The key is to have a wardrobe that reflects your lifestyle and buy clothes we love that serve a purpose and will ‘pay their way’.

Top tip: Anything that is still in good condition or on trend can be sold on eBay – you might as well earn some cash back – and anything that’s too old or worn to sell can be given to a local charity shop.

Property Styling

Now that there is more light filling our rooms, you may find yourself thinking that your rooms are not being shown off to their full potential. Maybe the colours and textures aren’t standing out like they used to or you have lost interest and have given it no attention or time recently. Perhaps it is just not being utilised effectively.

The saying ‘a fresh pair of eyes’ can really help you love your home as you did before, by adding colour, changing cushions, bedding or accessories and even adding some new furniture or moving it from one room to another.

Completely changing a room can be daunting but that’s where I come in – I would love to be able to help you! After discussing how you use the room and what you want to achieve, I help by offering advice and giving you ideas, and pointing you in the right direction when it comes to buying new things for your home.

Project Management

You may already be thinking about changing your kitchen or upgrading the bathroom. Possibly the home layout isn’t working anymore, the kids need more room, an office is required or an additional utility room would make life so much easier. Sometimes you need to live in your home to see what does and doesn’t work and now it’s time to change or you may have purchased a property to develop before you move in.

Starting a large-scale renovation project can be an all-time consuming and, at times, a stressful experience. Let me manage and organise the arrangements from start to finish, and allow you to enjoy the process. We remodeled and changed our whole house in 3 carefully planned stages, and project managing the whole process taught me everything I need to know about builders and their processes!

The project took 6 months from start to completion and it’s safe to say we are thrilled with the results. We now use every room in the house effectively, love the look and, most importantly, how it works for us day to day.

Events Management

By now you’ve probably realised that I’m super organised, but one thing I genuinely love as much as decluttering is arranging a special event. Seeing that initial spark of an idea through to completion is always so exciting and satisfying. That’s why I provide an events management service.

I will streamline the process to deliver you the perfectly organised event, from a 60th birthday celebration to that all important fundraising event. Nothing is too much trouble for me and I love the challenge of adding any fun little touches you would like to give it the extra special personal touch.

Now sit back and relax with a nice cup of tea and envisage the room you have been dreaming of or the fresh new wardrobe layout you keep promising yourself. I am the person to ensure you achieve these changes that will result in you living in a reorganised clutter-free home that brings joy and harmony.

Email julie@juliesdclutter.co.uk or call 07710328781, I’d love to hear from you.

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