Home Staging

Home staging is all about making your property look its very best. We make your space look so stylish and visually appealing it delivers the WOW factor. Our home staging service can be very beneficial to people wanting to sell their home, estate agents marketing premium property or landlords with property to let or holiday home rentals.

How does it work?

Our home staging service is about preparing certain rooms or whole houses to look like they could be used in a home magazine photo shoot. As home staging professionals we’ll focus on your property’s best features and find solutions to any problem areas. This is done by decluttering and creating space to achieve a minimalist look to begin with.

Next we review what existing furniture and soft furnishings still look really great and removing any unwanted items. The room or property is then redressed to provide maximum impact. This can be achieved by hiring furniture pieces, props and soft furnishing or accessories from locally based suppliers. In this way it is possible to create a complete new look for maximum effect with minimal cost.

Why Home Stage your property?

If you are a home owner who wants to either achieve a fast sale or maximise the selling price home staging can really help. It can transform your property’s look and make it much more attractive to perspective buyers.

The benefits of home staging also apply to rental property or holiday lets. Staging the whole property or just a couple of rooms can help attract the ideal tenants. Perfect for short-term lets!

Present a clean modern bathroom with our home staging service.