How To Get ‘Back to School’ Ready

Helpful Tips to Get You & The Family School Ready

The wonderful thing about the long school holidays is the relaxed days without routine, rushing and clock watching. Due to this it is a really good idea to start thinking about getting back into a semi routine ready for the start of school. If not the shock to yourself and the kids will mean unorganised stress which will wipe out all the lovely memories of the relaxing days of the holidays.


Things I Do That I Find Helpful

  • As soon as school finishes, don’t leave washing and organising all the uniform, p.e kit , trainers ,school bags do it as soon as possible otherwise it will be left and forgotten.
  • Midway through the holidays get the kids feet measured and buy the new trainers and shoes. This is usually ok as the shoe fitters generally allow extra growing space in all shoes. So unless you feel your child’s size will change dramatically you will find buying them before the last week in the holidays ensures a varied choice of shoes from a larger range with all sizes available, also the shop won’t be busy!
  • TOP TIP- get your child’s feet measured at Clarks but don’t feel obliged to purchase from them , they are very good but very expensive. More retailers do school shoes and uniforms with very good choices and quality.
  • Make sure your bathroom is tiday & ready for the morning


Useful Tricks

  • Do the same with purchasing all new school uniform requirements, lunch boxes, reusable water bottles and stationery.
  • The WORST JOB, sewing in name labels!!Sew one a day from 2 weeks before they go back to school, also stationery and shoe stickers. This makes it a little less painful! Even better do it as soon as you have purchased all the new uniform.
  • A week before term starts shop for healthy lunch box food ready for day one.
  • If a week or two before school restarts your children haven’t seen some friends for a few weeks , arrange to meet at the park or for them to come round just to make the first day back more comfortable.
  • If your child walks to school with friends , contact their parents a few days before to reconfirm where and when they are meeting up to walk to school.

Get in Touch

I do hope these tips will help you and your family have an easy, organised and stress free return back to school .

If you need any help with Organising please do get in touch