Top Tips to Declutter Your Makeup Bag

It’s not just cupboards and rooms that need organisation and decluttering, it’s our essential everyday items like your makeup bag.

If your makeup bag or drawer is out of control with items spilling over, lids missing or old, unused products sitting at the bottom, it’s probably time to have a clear out. If it’s been over 6 months since you last sorted through your makeup then it’s definitely time to do it!

A well organised makeup set will make your daily makeup routine enjoyable, super easy and so much quicker. Keep your makeup products clean, tidy and hygienic with these simple tips.

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Makeup bag

This sounds obvious but empty your whole makeup bag and sort through all your makeup.

Using a cosmetic wipe or wet cotton pad with an anti-bacterial spray, clean your makeup bag inside & out. I’d recommend this to be done monthly at least.

Now that you can see all the products clearly, throw out anything that is broken or damaged. I’ve put together specific product tips below too.


If used daily your mascara should be replaced every 2-3 months. They have a habit of drying up quickly so ensure to avoid unnecessary air exposure by securing the lid after use.  Wipe down with a wet cotton pad regularly when you clean out your makeup bag.

Top tip: Ensure the pad is wet or the cotton threads will stick to the mascara!


Foundation has quite a long shelf life – up to a year – which is helpful but you should still give it a regular clean. If there is a change to its smell or colour you should replace it to avoid irritation to skin


I like bright colours and shades but I recently went through my makeup draw and realised that there are only so many versions of bright pink that you can wear.

Keep just a few of your favourite colours that will coordinate with your outfits. It feels much better to use your items and enjoy them rather than have lots of lipsticks that never get used under the mountain of unsorted makeup.

Beauty companies offer a range of incentivised recycling programs, have put together a short article that lists them all.

Top tip: Keep lids on. If it’s over a year old bin it!

All Powders

Powders can last up to 2 years but they are prone to getting broken or fading with age. Check your powders regularly and when this happens it’s time to replace them.


Like any other pencil, regularly sharpening you will keep them easy to use and bacteria-free.

Another simple tip to get the most out of your pencils: keep the covers on. It stops breakage and keeps them clean. These last for 6 months before needing to be replaced.


A bit of a chore but it is really important that these are cleaned regularly to prevent blemishes and irritation which are caused by bacteria.

You can buy an Electric Makeup brush cleaner for a reasonable amount from Boots, but I prefer to do them myself.

I used to clean them by putting cleanser directly onto the brushes and then rinsing but found it took a lot of rinsing to get clear of any residue. Now, I find it better to put the cleanser into a bowl of warm water, clean each brush and then pat dry with a paper towel. It’s important to make sure the brush is completely dry before use so I leave to air dry overnight.

Good Housekeeping have also written an article on their tips for cleaning makeup brushes.

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